Friday, January 12, 2007


And not just the man made snow from Kleenex! LOL.

As we opened the garage door this morning to leave for school, we noticed the hills at the end of the street had a dusting of snow. And then we realized it was actually snowing here!! Just little tiny flakes, but enough for us to get excited about, since it doesn't snow where we live.

Driving Hannah to school we saw all kinds of cars filled with a light layer of snow. Once at Hannah's school, the snow flurries were much more than they were at home (about 5 miles away). I dropped Hannah off and went around back took some pictures of the kids on the playground. They were all screaming and yelling in delight of the snow. The white patches in the grass is snow. Not much, but enough to get excited about. LOL.

This picture is of the mountain at the end of my parents street.

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Kim said...

How fun is that!!!

LOL...they probably would have cancled school here!