Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Ornaments

A couple of years ago, I started a 'tradtion' for my girls. I took two shoeboxes and wrapped them in pretty Christmas paper, wrapping the lid separate so that you could take the lid on and off. I lined the box with tissue paper and I put each of the girls' name on the outside of the box. Every year I plan to put an ornament that either I've made or like last year Hannah made, into each of the boxes, that way down the road when each of my girls leave home and have a Christmas tree of their own, I can present to them a box of homemade ornaments for their tree.

This year I picked up simple little wooden ornaments at Micheal's for the girls to color with markers and decorate with glitter glue. They each got three ornaments. I put their name and date on the back of the ornaments and put one of each into their special box, and the others onto the tree. They both had so much fun coloring the ornaments, especially cause I let them use markers, something I don't usually let them use because of the mess factor. LOL.


Kim said...

Neat idea! I can see Rachel is enjoying the markers very

Ed brings home architectural blueprints/drawings for the kids, and I put those huge sheets down on the table and let them have at it with the markers because, you're right, they are soooo messy!

Darcy said...

I actually made the girls take their shirts off to color with the markers, but made them put their shirts back on briefly for a picture. LOL

Debi said...

Very neat idea Darcy! I wish that I would have thought of that for Jessica!