Saturday, October 28, 2006

2006 Edwards Air Force Base Airshow

Every year Steven always talks about wanting to go to a really good airshow. Months and months ago he discovered why it is that we usually don't go to one of the biggest airshows in our area, it always falls on the weekend of my birthday. But this year, we put it on the calendar and planned to go, and that is what is what we did today. We went to the Open House and Air Show at Edwards Air Force Base.

Hannah really didn't want to go today. It's a 2 hour car ride from our house and she complained off and on. But at the end of the day as we were heading back to our car, she was complaining she didn't want to leave! LOL. Having never been to an airshow before, Hannah really didn't know what to expect. She had loads of fun touring some of the airplanes on display. Her and Steven even waited for close to an hour for her to get to sit in the cockpit of a C-17 Military Aircraft. A cargo plane so massive that it transports and drops tanks and humvees from the air to ground troops. The The United States Air Force Thunderbirds were the best part of the enitre day! Their demonstration was phenomenal. It was especially cool that one of the pilots was a woman, which made Hannah express that she perhaps might like to become a fighter pilot someday.

With their toy planes. Hannah was so cute, she made her plane do just as the real Thunderbirds were doing in the air.
I had packed a picnic lunch and ice chest to leave in the car, thinking we would come back to the car to eat lunch, but you had to park and then be shuttled by school buses over to the part of the base where the airshow was, so we ended up just buying lunch. We really didn't know what to bring, the website sounded so strict on what could and what couldn't be brought to the flight line that even our chairs were left in the car, something we were later wishing we'd had. Needless to say we spent plenty of money on water, trying to stay hydrated in the bright and shinning sun and heat. We ended up having our picnic lunch for dinner as we hit the road home!


Kim said...

I am super-impressed that you were able to get this on video! Last time we went to the airshow, we had a hard enough time getting a

Did you use your camera or your camcorder?

Also, you are waaay more patient than we are...we never would have made it waiting that long to see a big plane! :D

Darcy said...

I got some KILLER snapsnots of the Thunderbirds and some of the other planes. But KILLER shots. I was super-impressed with myself! LOL.

I took about 12 videos that day, all little snippets with my digital camera (man I LOVE that thing).

Yeah, Steven has more patience than I. I wouldn't have waited that long. I was growing impatient, and concerned as to their wherabouts, as I was sitting outside with Rachel and the Airmen are clearing out the flight line and asking people to leave, closing up the back of the aircraft that Steven and Hannah had gone into. LOL.